HOST: Forman School and Marvelwood School

SITE: Mt. Sunapee, NH

Information for participating schools

Forman School :

Laura Jenks

Email: Laura.jenks@formanschool.org
Phone: 860-567-8712 (work)
518-637-4429 (cell)


Marvelwood School:


John Russell

Email: john.russell@marvelwood.org
Phone: 860-927-0047 ext. 1017 (work)
917-664-2364 (cell)

Mt. Sunapee Contact

Jill Firstbrook, Alpine Coordinator
Email: alpine@mtsunapee.com
Phone: 603-763-3500 ext. 3548

Directions to Mt. SunapeeLodging Info Mt. Sunapee Waiver Form (at registration)

Race Entries:

7:30 - 8:30 Registration in the Spruce Lodge

8:30 - Coaches meeting (any pre-race considerations)
8:30 - Gatekeepers meeting for assignment and instruction by Head Gatekeeper
8:30 - 9:15 Giant Slalom course inspection (skiing only on the race trail until the mountain opens at 9:00-9:30)
9:45 - Giant Slalom race - 2 runs each
12:00 -12:30 - Lunch Break and Course reset
12:30 -1:00 - Slalom course inspection
1:00 - Slalom race 2 runs each
4:30 - Award ceremony
5:00 - the lodge cafeteria will stay open until this time

Other notes:

General Information:


1. No racers may run, side slip, or shadow the course during their pre-race inspection. To do so risks immediate disqualification.

2. All racers are expected to be at the start at the proper time. Racers who miss their start will run at the end of the order. The running order will be reversed within each seed in the second run (if registration was received on time). 

3. A racer who has a binding release in the course is an automatic DSQ. However, if a racer loses one ski after passing the second to last gate on the course, (s)he may attempt to complete the race on one ski.

4. If a racer misses a gate and chooses to climb, (s)he must cross the horizontal plane on either side of the gate that was missed before continuing down the course. However, if a racer falls, and skis stay on, and (s)he is hiking, they must yield to an oncoming racer or be disqualified.

5. If a racer feels his or her run has been interfered with, (s)he must ski out of the course where the infraction occurs. No protest will be allowed if the racer completes the course and/or crosses through the finish line. The racer must then ski to the finish area and await the decision of race officials as to whether or not a (provisional) rerun will be granted.


Helmets are mandatory in the Giant Slalom, and recommended for Slalom.


The sum of the placing of each team’s top three finishers for each event will be totaled to determine overall order of team finish. Teams with less than 3 finishers take n + 1 for the placing of the missing racer towards the team score. Individual awards will be given for each discipline, and for team scoring in both events combined, with top three teams receiving plaques. Team scoring will be determined by taking the sum of placings in both Slalom and GS. In the event of a tie for the combined Slalom and GS score, lowest total time for the top three finishers for both GS and Slalom events would then be used to break the tie.