Information for participating schools


Jeremy LaCasse
Berkshire School
245 N. Undermountain Rd.
Sheffield, MA  01257

Email: jlacasse@berkshireschool.org

Home phone: 413-229-6063
School Phone: 413-229-1167
Fax: 413-229-1206

Hillary Rockwell Cahn
185 North Main Street
Suffield Academy
Suffield, CT  06078

E-mail: hillary_cahn@suffieldacademy.org

School: 860-668-7315
Fax: 860-668-2966


Directions to Butternut Basin

Jeremy LaCasse of Berkshire School and Hillary Cahn of Suffield Academy are pleased to welcome you to the 2003 New England Prep School Alpine Skiing Class B Championships, to be held on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at Butternut Basin, Great Barrington, MA.

Race Entries:

Please e-mail (preferred), fax, or mail your team’s entries to Jeremy LaCasse at Berkshire School (jlacasse@berkshireschool.org) by Friday, February 7.

General Information:


  • Race registration will take place beginning at 7:30 am in the base lodge.  Packets will include tickets, running orders, and bibs.  Each racer will keep the same bib for the morning run as well as the afternoon run, even if the racer is seeded differently for each race.  All bibs must be returned at the end of the day.
  • We will hold a coaches’ meeting at 8:15 in front of the Base Lodge.
  • The Slalom (girls in the morning, boys in the afternoon) will be held on Main Street.  The fastest way to the top of the slalom hill is the poma lift or the yellow double chair.  The Giant Slalom will be held on Freewheeler, which is on the far right side of the mountain as you look up the hill.  You must take the triple chair to get there.
  • The two races will run simultaneously, with the boys racing GS and the girls racing slalom in the morning.  First run will begin at 9:30, and the second run will follow immediately, with no delay or course reset (so, top seed racers must be ready for their second run as the fourth or fifth seed racers are taking their first run).  We anticipate each run requiring about an hour, so the morning races should be finished by about 11:30.  Courses will be immediately reset for the afternoon races (boys slalom, girls GS), which we hope to begin at 12:30.  Once again, second runs will take place immediately following the final racer’s first run.
  • Disqualifications for both races will be posted at the timing shack scoreboard at the finish to the slalom.  Protests must be filed within 15 minutes of the posting of the later of the two referee reports (to allow coaches time to conclude their duties of both races, since the races will run simultaneously).
  • Awards will be held in the base area (outdoors by the timing shack, weather permitting) at 3:00.
  • Some reminders of ISSCA rules and procedures (refer to published rules for complete list):
  • Running order within each seed is drawn at random, and reversed within each seed for the second run.
  • Helmets are required for GS.
  • Lost ski = DNF Racers who miss their start will be disqualified.
  • Team scoring is top 3 of the 5 racers (combined times).



7:30 AM Registration and Bib pick-up in Gym Reception Room
8:15 AM:

Coaches Meeting - in front of timing building

Lift opens, Inspection begins

9:30 AM:

Run 1 and 2 Girl's SLALOM

Run 1 and 2 Boys's GIANT SLALOM

11:45 AM: Inspection begins
12:30 PM:

Run 1 and 2 Girl's GIANTSLALOM

Run 1 and 2 Boys's SLALOM

3:00 PM: Awards Ceremony