Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Spring Meeting

April 19, 2012

Worcester Academy


I. Welcome 3:30 PM

II. Present

Name School Class
Brigham, Bob Berkshire B
Dancer, Marc Deerfield A
Shea, Jack Eaglebrook A
Hart, Jen Gunnery C
Leeds, Greg NMH A
Hollister, Fred Nobles A
Van Tuyl, Rob Pingree C
Cahn, Hillary Suffield B
Brown, Heidi Thayer C
Soja, Stan Wilbraham C
Getchell, Sarah Worcester B
Gottsegen, Jonathan Salisbury B
Total = 12 Total = 12  

III. Treasurer's Report

IV.      Reviewed 2012 Championship Events

a.      Class A

i.  Proctor Academy and Cardigan Mountain School at Proctor Ski Area, Andover, NH., Feb. 15
ii. Well run, efficient event
iii. Knowledge people running the event
iv. Proctor proud to host

b.       Class B

i.      Salisbury and Trinity-Pawling School at Berkshire East, Charlemont, MA. Feb. 15
ii.      Ran well
iii.      Delay in getting results to webmaster
iv.  Concern about the entry fee of $83
v.      Should Berkshire East host again at such high fees?

c.      Class C

i.      Forman School and Marvelwood School at Mt. Sunapee, NH. Feb 15
ii.      Ran smoothly
iii.      Delay in getting results.

V. Future Championships

a.      Class A

        i.     Eaglebrook and Avon at Okemo Mt., VT on Feb. 13, 2013
       ii.  Would like to enlist an adult gatekeeper from each school

b.      Class B

        i.     TBD on Feb. 13, 2013
       ii.  Proposed hosts St. Sebastian's & Kingswood cannot host

       iii. Previous hosts Williston 2005 Milton 2007
       iv. Depending on re-alignment, perhaps Avon or Rivers can host

c.      Class C

        i.     Pingree & Dublin on Feb. 13, 2013
       ii.  Provisionally at Mt. Sunapee


Championship Host All on Wed. Feb. 13, 2013

Class A

Class B

Class C

Eaglebrook & Avon @ Okemo Mt. VT


Pingree & Dublin


VI. Competition Committee Report

VII. Other Business


VIII. Spring Meeting Thursday, October 18, 2012 hopefully at Concord Academy

IX. Adjourned 5:00 PM