Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Spring Meeting

April 24, 2008

St. Paul’s School


I. Welcome

II. Present

Name School Class
Dalton, Katie Avon A
Riemer, Andy Avon A
Swaffield, Willie Brewster C
McGarry, John Concord B
Dancer, Marc Deerfield A
Rose, Brian Eaglebrook A
Simard, Kurt Gould A
Stonebraker, David Hebron B
Bell, Steve Kents Hill A
Joslin, Justin New Hampton A
Leeds, Greg NMH B
Hollister, Fred Nobles A
Watt, Jim St. Paul's A
Cahn, Hillary Suffield B
Brown, Heidi Thayer C
Mulvey, Phil Thayer C
Kirn, Josh Tilton C
McStowe, Anneke Tilton C
Peter, Jim Vermont A
Elkins, Paul Worcester B

Total = 20

Total = 17



III. Treasurer's Report

a. Current Balance is $713.01

b. Costs

Trophies = $798
Medals = $772.69

c. reviewed job description for Treasurer

IV.      Reviewed 2008 Championship Events

a.       Nordic

i.      No Nordic coaches present

b.      Class A

i.    Vermont Academy at Bromley Mt., VT
ii.      Race was canceled on Tuesday due to weather and re-scheduled for Thursday, 2/14/08
iii.      Only a one-run Gs in the afternoon because the lifts closed at 4:00 PM
iv.      Late start to SL for a course re-set

c.       Class B

i.      Concord Academy and Middlesex School at Cannon Mountain, NH
ii.      Originally scheduled February 13. Canceled due to bad weather.

iii.      Rescheduled for February 20. Canceled due to bad weather.
iv.   Rescheduled for February 20. Canceled due to bad weather.
v.      Event canceled.
vi.      Franconia Ski Club did not initially have a backup date


d.      Class C

i.      Tilton Academy at Mt. Sunapee, NH on 2/14/08
ii.      All 4 runs were completed
iii.      Mountain was very cooperative

e.       General Comments

i.      Host schools should work out pricing right away with the mountain.
Cost per skier or cost per team or cost per school

V. Report from the Competition Committee

a. Class Movement

NMH: B ->A
Rivers: C -> B
Miss Porter's: C -> B

b. Paul Elkins (Worcester) voiced concern regarding the appeals (petition) process. What are valid reasons to accept a school's petition to move down?

VI. Future Championships

a. Hosts for future championships

a. Greg Leeds (NMH) provided a document outlining past and future hosts for each class
b. A flowchart should be produced for host schools running the event
c. Host school's conversation with the mountain should include a backup date or dates that cannot work for a re-scheduled race


Championship Host All on Wed. Feb. 11, 2009

Class A

Class B

Class C

Gould Academy

Berwick & Hebron @ Shawnee Peak
Backup Date = 2.13.09

Bancroft & Brewster



VI. Fall Meeting Thursday, October 16, 2008 at Concord Academy

VII. Further Business

a. Cuurent Treasurer, Jim Watts, is moving away so must step down. Many thanks, Jim.
b. Paul Elkins (Worcester) volunteered to be Treasurer.

VIII. Adjourned