Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Spring Meeting

April 26, 2007

St. Paul’s School


I. Welcome

II. Present

Riemer, Andy Avon Old Farms A
McGarry, John Concord Academy B
Dancer, Marc Deerfield Academy A
Rose, Brian Eaglebrook School A
Gardner, Sue Gould Academy A
Stonebraker, David Hebron Academy B
Capaul, Georg Holderness A
Bell, Steve Kents Hill A
Olsen, Craig Kingswood Oxford B
Colgate, Steve Loomis Chaffee B
Barnaby, Tucker New Hampton A
Guilbert, Jason New Hampton A
Leeds, Greg NMH B
Hollister, Fred Nobles A
Norris, Josh Proctor Academy A
Salathe, David Proctor Academy A
Watt, Jim St. Paul's School A
Kirn, Josh Tilton Academy C
McStowe, Anneke Tilton Academy C
Sotskov, Alexei Vermont Academy A
Dow, Tiffer Worcester Academy B
Elkins, Paul Worcester Academy B

Total = 22

Total = 18



III. Treasurer's Report

a. Current Balance is $564.01

b. Dues form is available online at

IV. Two NEPSAC Issues introduced

1. "The issue of a student whose school does not have a team in a particular sport being permitted to participate in a NEPSAC tournament as an individual has arisen on a couple of occasions in the past few years. The subject was discussed at the recent meeting of the NEPSAC board meeting with the goal of coming up with a statement to cover all sports."

2. "The NEPSAC Executive Board is reviewing a policy regarding whether schools or individuals should be required to ski in a minimum number of NEPSAC races during the season to be eligible to compete in the NEPSAC Championships. Our sense is that such a requirement is necessary. At your next coaches meeting please discuss this issue and send me a recommendation as to what the ski coaches believe the minimum race requirement should be. The Executive Board we will take the recommendation under advisement and then adopt or amend it as deemed necessary. The Executive Board anticipates that a minimum race requirement will be put into place for next winter."

In response to issue #1:

When submitting their dues, each school will:

  1. pay dues to ISSCA
  2. submit coaches names
  3. submit roster
  4. submit league they participate in


In response to issue #2:

There was much discussion on the ramifications of instituting a league participation requirement.

We recognized that if we don't come up with our own criteria then NEPSAC will come up with one for us.

Criteria discussed included both a percentage of league race participation and a fixed number of races (including 0).

Voting results

Participation in league races In Favor
100 % 2
50% 12
2 races 1
0 races 5

To be eligible for participation in the NEPSAC Alpine Skiing Championships a student must participate in the following number of league races representing their school:

For example:

V. Future Championships



VI. Adjourned