Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Spring Meeting

3:00 PM

April 28, 2005

Lawrence Academy


        I.      Welcome

     II.      Present




Scott Berube Berwick Academy B
Willie Swaffield Brewster Academy C
Gus DeMaggio Cardigan Mt. School C
Michaela Fera Cardigan Mt. School C
Marc Dancer Deerfield Academy A
Jodi Tanguay Deerfield Academy A
Jack Shea Eaglebrook School A
Steve Bell Kents Hill A
Melissa Fellows Kimball Union Academy A
David Goff Loomis Chaffee B
Fred Hollister Nobles B
Scott MacPherson Nobles B
Greg Leeds Northfield-Mt. Hermon School B
Jim Watt St. Paulís School A
Kiera Farmer St. Paul's School A
Bruce Johnson (Alpine) Vermont Academy A
Alexie Sotskov (Nordic) Vermont Academy A
Edward Hing Williston-Northampton School B
Janice Hanley Williston-Northampton School B
Paul Elkins Worcester Academy B
Total = 20 Total = 14  

   III.      Treasurerís Report

a.       Balance as of 4/28/05 is $544.11

b.      Some schools did not pay their 2005 dues

  IV.      Reviewed 2005 Championship Events

a.       Nordic

i.      Gould Academy hosts
ii.      Well run event
iii.      Remote site needed for food and refreshments

b.      Class A

i.      Kents-Hill @ Shawnee Peak 2/16
ii.      One run in afternoon GS due to weather
iii.      Mountain appeared to be hosting too many events that day
iv.      Unable to run concurrent events for boys and girls

c.       Class B

i.      Williston-Northampton School and Worcester Academy @ Mt. Snow 2/16
ii.      Distance from venue was not an issue in communications

iii.      Mt. Snow was good to work with
iv.      Very helpful in the race organization
v.      Processing the times took too long
vi.      Parent/Alumni/Volunteers were helpful
vii.      Coordinated well with Mt. Snow

viii.      Didnít salt course

d.      Class C

i.      Trinity-Pawling School @ Mt. Sunapee 2/16
ii.      SL in the AM, GS in the PM with some rain
iii.      Some issues with USSA rules
iv.      Large field

e.       General Comments

i.      Hosts need to consider training space on race day and possibly the day before
ii.      Should ISSCA get a set of permanent bibs?

     V.      Future Championships

a.       Date for 2006 Alpine championships: Wednesday, February 15, 2006

b.      Date for 2006 Nordic championships: Wednesday, February 22, 2006

c.       Class A

i.      2006 Holderness
ii.      2007 KUA

d.      Class B

i.      2006 Loomis possibly with Nobles
ii.      2007 ISL Team

e.       Class C

i.      2006 Thayer with Rivers
ii.      2007 Lawrence Academy

  VI.      Competition Committee

a.       New Members:

b.      Class C

i.      Gus DeMaggio - Cardigan Mt. School
ii.      Jim Monahan - Brewster Academy

c.       Class A

i.      Jim Watt Ė St. Paulís School

d.      Mandate to the committee:

i.      Re-write/re-edit ISSCA by-laws
ii.      Include the tie-breaking criteria passed in spring 2004

VII.      Misc.

a.     Combined overall Alpine and Nordic Championship
b.     Improve communication with Nordic coaches
c.      Set date for fall meeting:† Thursday, October 20, 2005 @ SPS

VIII.      Adjourned 4:30 PM