Independent School Ski Coaches Association


Spring Meeting


3:00 PM


May 1, 2003


St. Paul’s School





        I.      Welcome

     II.      Present

Name School
Scott Berube Berwick Academy
Michael Kukenberger Brewster Academy
C.J. Navins Deerfield Academy
Jodi Tanguay Deerfield Academy
Marc Dancer Deerfield Academy
Jack Shea Eaglebrook School
David Stonebraker Hebron Academy
Craig Antonides Holderness School
Mark Walrond Holderness School
Stephen Bell Kents-Hill School
David Edry New Hampton School
Fred Hollister Nobles
Greg Leeds Northfield-Mt. Hermon School
David Salathe Proctor Academy
Morgan Salathe Proctor Academy
Chris Foster St. Paul's
Kiera Farmer St. Paul's
Toby Brewster St. Paul's
Terry Leonard Vermont Academy
Alexei Sotskov Vermont Academy
Eric Price White Mt. School
Edward Hing Williston-Northampton School
Melissa Wockley Williston-Northampton School
Paul Elkins Worcester Academy
Total = 23 Total = 16


   III.      Treasurer’s Report approved

  IV.      Reviewed Championship Events

a.      Class C

                                                               i.      Berwick Academy @ Gunstock

                                                             ii.      22 Teams

                                                            iii.      Went well

                                                           iv.      Tie for first

                                                             v.      Consider scoring system for championships

b.      Class B

                                                               i.      Berkshire Academy and Suffield Academy @ Butternut Basin

                                                             ii.      24 Teams

                                                            iii.      Efficient

                                                           iv.      Concerns over wireless timing

                                                             v.      Improve communication regarding re-reruns

c.      Class A

                                                               i.      White Mountain School @ Cannon Mountain

                                                             ii.      18 Teams

                                                            iii.      Efficient

                                                           iv.      Some schools couldn’t bring their best racers since there was a FIS race

d.      Nordic

                                                               i.      Putney School

                                                             ii.      Great job

                                                            iii.      Queries for future events:

1.      Non-scoring B-team

2.      Number of participants per team

3.      Number of skiers scoring per team (should it be the same for individual and relay?)

                                                           iv.      Solutions:

1.      Leave number of participants at the discretion of the host school

2.      Possible B-team race

3.      Table discussion until fall meeting

  V.      Discussed Future Championship Dates

a.      Motion and discussion to move the date to the last week in February

b.      Concerns:

                                                               i.      Some schools have final exams (this would occur every year whereas with other sports it would be unique)

                                                             ii.      FIS event

                                                            iii.      Presidents week may work but conflict with Nordic

                                                           iv.      Could schedule Class A, B, and C on different dates

                                                             v.      Non-binding vote: 2 Yes 14 No

c.      Class A – February 11, 2004

                                                               i.      New Hampton @ Loon

                                                             ii.      2005 Kent-Hill or Holderness

d.      Class B – February 11, 2004

                                                               i.      ISL school @ Sunapee or Shawnee

e.      Class C – February 11, 2004

                                                               i.      Avon and Salisbury (need to contact)

                                                             ii.      back-up Hebron, Worcester and Lawrence

f.        Championship Dates

                                                               i.      Alpine 2/11/04

                                                             ii.      Nordic 2/18/04

VI.      Executive Board

a.      Sue Gardner is stepping down as Secretary/Treasurer

b.      Scott Berube (Berwick Academy) elected Treasurer

c.      Marc Dancer (Deerfield Academy) President/Secretary

d.      Need to acquire ISSCA by-laws

                                                               i.      Morgan Salathe will transcribe to an electronic document

e.      Marc Dancer proposed a Competition Committee to address issues regarding movement of teams, scoring systems, etc.

f.        Two representatives from each class plus the executive board

                                                               i.      Class A

1.      Steve Bell (Kents-Hill)

2.      David Edry (New Hampton)

                                                             ii.      Class B

1.      Greg Leeds (NMH)

2.      Fred Hollister (Nobles)

                                                            iii.      Class C

1.      Paul Elkins (Worcester)

2.      David Stonebraker (Hebron)

g.      Committee would also communicate with NEPSAC

h.      General Discussion regarding movement of schools between classes

                                                               i.      Will continue to abide by our by-laws which state that movement should take place in even years after the championship event

                                                             ii.      Should there be annual movement?

                                                            iii.      Schools split by gender?

1.      Should race as a school

2.      Some schools don’t have the resources to send teams to two venues

3.      What should the criteria be?  The better or worse of a school’s two teams?


VII.      Adjourned 5:00 PM