Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Spring Meeting

April 11, 2002

St. Paul’s School


        I.      Introduction - In Attendance



Jonathan Crocker

Avon Old Farms

Andy Riemer

Avon Old Farms

Jeremy LaCasse

Berkshire School

Scott Berube

Berwick Academy

Michael Kukenberger

Brewster Academy

Peter Gately

Bridgton Academy

Chris Morgan

Cushing Academy

Jodi Tanguay

Deerfield Academy

Marc Dancer

Deerfield Academy

Jack Shea

Eaglebrook School

Amy Potter

Gould Academy

David Stonebraker

Hebron Academy

Craig Antonides

Holderness School

Peter Hendel

Holderness School

Stephen Bell

Kents-Hill School

Sean Mahoney

Middlesex School

David Eastburn

Milton Academy

David Edry

New Hampton School

Fred Hollister


Greg Leeds

Northfield-Mt. Hermon School

David Salathe

Proctor Academy

Morgan Salathe

Proctor Academy

Toby Brewster St. Pauls

Matt Blanton

Taft School

Eric Price

White Mt. School

Vince Bell

White Mt. School

Melissa Wockley

Williston-Northampton School

George Delaney Worcester Academy

Total = 28

Total = 23

     II.      Treasurer’s Report approved

a.      Awards:  Should schools that are hosting pay for the awards, or should we continue to do it the same way, the dues paying for awards.

   III.      Reviewed Championship Events

a.      Div. 2

                                                               i.      Eaglebrook School

                                                             ii.      32 teams

                                                            iii.      had to go to one run for each event

                                                           iv.      well organized

b.      Div. 1

                                                               i.      Proctor Academy

                                                             ii.      Ran as a single event

                                                            iii.      well organized

c.      Nordic

                                                               i.      Proctor Academy

                                                             ii.      Good job with limited snow conditions

                                                            iii.      Efficient

  IV.      Set date and venue for 2003 Nordic Championships

a.      Feb. 19, 2003

b.      host school still to be determined.  Vermont Academy has asked to host both the Nordic and the jump for this year.

     V.      Discussion of re-alignment of schools into three divisions

a.      Discussed combined Alpine – Nordic trophy

                                                               i.      Possible solutions discussed

1.      Terminate the trophy

2.      Establish a ranking (scoring) system

3.      To be eligible for the trophy a school must be in the Div. A

b.      Discussion moved back to a review of our decision to move to three divisions (recall that the initial vote at the fall meeting was 15-1 in favor)

c.      Proposal to create a new overall trophy, 1 trophy for boys and 1 trophy for girls

                                                               i.      Hopefully will encourage participation

                                                             ii.      Re-evaluate after 3 seasons (Spring 2005)

                                                            iii.      Vote results

1.      Yes - 15, No - 4, Abs – 4

d.      Re-alignment sub-committee to fine tune the final balance (Greg Leeds NMH, chair)

e.      Agenda item for Fall meeting:

                                                               i.      Do Div. A schools want to increase their championships field size?

  VI.      Discussed Future Championship Dates

a.      Div. A - 2003

                                                               i.      Holderness is questionable as they have to iron out their relationship with a mountain

                                                             ii.      New Hampton is back-up

b.      Div. B – 2003

                                                               i.      St. Paul’s has a coaching change so they shouldn’t host

                                                             ii.      Taft/Berkshire @ Berkshire East

                                                            iii.      2004 – Kents-Hill

                                                           iv.      2005 – Milton/Nobles @ Gunstock

c.      Div. C

                                                               i.      2003 - Berwick @ Gunstock

                                                             ii.      2004 – Avon/Salisbury/Suffield @ Berkshire East

d.      Championship Dates

                                                               i.      Alpine 2/12/03

                                                             ii.      Nordic 2/19/03

VII.      Other Items of Business

a.      Permanent Bibs.  Discussion tabled until the fall meeting

b.      Established date for the fall coaches meeting, Thursday, October 24, 2002 @ St. Paul’s School in Concord NH

VIII.      Agenda Items for fall meeting

a.      Acquisition of Permanent Bibs

b.      Establish Race Jury

  IX.      Adjourned