To: ISSCA Membership

From: Sue Gardner, Secretary/Treasurer

Re: Minutes from the Annual meeting held on April 26th 2001 at St. Paul's School

Present at the meeting: Dan Lewenberg - Cushing, Peter Hendel - Holderness, Bill Andrews - Cardigan, George Delaney – Worcester, Terry Leonard - Vermont, Morgan and David Salathe - Proctor, Steve Bell – Kents Hill, Matthew Blanton - Taft, Marc Dancer - Deerfield, Greg Leeds - Northfield Mt. Hermon, Keira Farmer, Chris Foster, Toby Brewster - St. Paul's, Peter Durnan – Holderness, Fred Hollister – Nobles, Jack Shea – Eaglebrook, Sue Gardner - Gould.

Treasurer's report: We end the season with a positive balance of $259.05

2. Web site: is up and running thanks to Marc Dancer. At the present time all that is posted is the Alpine Championship results. Should we post more on the web page, announcements and minutes of the meetings? By laws, rules and who will be hosting the events and dates? Should we have links to other web site (USSA and different ski leagues)?

3. Review of this year's championship:

Div. I, Alpine was a great event. With Gould hosting at Sunday River Ski Area. They ran both the slalom and GS at the same time, with girls on one boy on the other.

Div. II Alpine, was a great event. With Cardigan Mountain hosting at Mt. Sunapee Ski Area. Here they tried to run one whole event and then another and it proved to take to long with the number of competitors they had. Unfortunately in the team result a mistake was made in the data entry and corrections had to be made after the event. The quality of the skiing was great and the course workers did a fine job.

Nordic was hosted by Vermont Academy at Grafton Ponds Nordic Center. It was a fair race, good course, but started 35 minutes late. The biggest concern with the race was the cost to each school. Due to fact that it was a vacation week and held at a public ski area, made for an expensive event. From this much discussion was raised about putting a limit on the amount a school should charge at these events. When the Nordic event falls on a vacation week, effort should be made to have it at a School and not a Public ski area. Should we have set parameters for the cost of Nordic event? A request was made that we except these guidelines for the championship fee $50.00 per team, $100.00 if you have both a boys and girls team. Then if you have to go to a commercial area you could charge and additional $10.00 per skier more. It was felt that this needed a vote on at the next meeting and we should get Athletic Directors and Nordic coach’s input.

Jumping event was held at Proctor and they did a great job of hosting the event.


3.The date and sites for next years Championships

DIV I: 2002 Alpine February 13TH @ Mt. Sunapee Ski Area Host Proctor Academy

Nordic February 20th @ Proctor Academy

DIV II; 2002 Alpine February 17th @ Eaglebrook School

Jury question was brought up in regards to the alpine event. If a skier is passed should they be DSQ? No, it was felt that we should keep with the USSA rule and not make any modification, due to safety.

Question was brought up whether we should add a third division to the alpine event due to the number of school competing. A new approach was brought up of starting 3 divisions, with an "elite" division made up of the schools with strong USSA programs (make this a USSA scored event?), and Div I would then take a few of the top Div. II programs. This would start in 2003. Once again this will need to have a vote by the membership.

6. The fall meeting date is October 25th 2001 at St. Paul's School 3:00pm.