Independent School Ski Coaches Association

Fall Meeting

October 28, 2010

St. Paul's School


I. Welcome

II. Present

Name School Class
Goff, David Belmont Hill A
Brigham, Bob Berkshire B
Kulas, Ben Concord B
Coyle, Alec Cushing C
Shields, David Cushing C
Dancer, Marc Deerfield A
Johnson, Brooks Dublin C
Rose, Brian Eaglebrook A
Stonebraker, Austin Hebron B
Capaul, Georg Holderness A
Bell, Steve Kents Hill A
Basdekis, Alison Miss Hall's C
Elkins, Paul New Hampton A
Leeds, Greg NMH A
Greenleaf, Richard St. Paul's A
Watt, Jim St. Paul's A
Cahn, Hillary Suffield B
Brown, Heidi Thayer C
Kirn, Josh Tilton C
Sotskov, Alexei Vermont A
Latham, Rick Williston B

Total = 21

Total = 19



III. Treasurer's Report

a. Current Balance is $336.49

b. 2011 Dues Forms due 12.15.10

c. Is there a demonstrated need for a second set of NEPSAC bibs?

i. They look better for pictures and general publicity since they have "NEPSAC" printed on them

ii. Keeping the dues at $30 for alpine teams would create about $750 extra for next year

iii. The bib set that was purchased was used in 2010 for the Class A championships was well received

iv. We should use the bibs even if the host mountain can provide bibs

v. The bib set should be shared between the classes on a rotational basis

vi. If a particular class needs the bib set for the championships that would supercede the rotation

vii. Vote to keep dues at $30 for alpine teams: 14 yes 1 no 2 abstentions


IV. Championship Dates and Info



V. Competition Committee

Name School Class
Bob Brigham Berkshire B
Steve Bell Kents-Hill A
Heidi Brown Thayer C
Fred Hollister Nobles A
Josh Kirn Tilton C
John McGarry Concord B
Marc Dancer Deerfield A
Paul Elkins New Hampton A


VI. Other Items of Business


VII. Adjourned 4:40 PM

VIII. Reminders

When submitting their dues, each school will:

  1. pay dues to ISSCA
  2. submit coaches names
  3. submit roster
  4. submit league they participate in





Participation Requirement:

  • To be eligible for participation in the NEPSAC Alpine Skiing Championships a student must participate in the following number of league races representing their school:

    • If an even number of races before the championships, then ( n/2 )
    • If an odd number of races before the championships, then ( n + 1 )/2


  • For example:

    • If your league has 4 races prior to the championships then a student must participate in at least 2 races.
    • If your league has 5 races prior to the championships then a student must participate in at least 3 races.

Consequences of an eligibility infraction

  • Coaches and Ad's will submit their championship running order
  • Teams are encouraged to bring some evidence of their skiers league participation
  • Consequences of eligibility infraction
    1. Team Disqualification (by gender)
    2. Individual Disqualification
    3. Other team individuals are eligible for individual awards
    4. Results recalculated
  • Host school can ask for the number of league race starts on the Championship entry form
  • Race day infractions will go to the Race Jury. If it cannot be reconciled in a timely fashion, then the issue moves to the Competition Committee
  • Post-Championships infractions will be ruled upon by the Competition Committee