Class C Nepsacs Mt. Sunapee Feb.10, 2010

A few last minute reminders:






Volunteers for championships as of 7 Jan. ,2010

Chief of race… and TD… Alison Basdekis (Miss Halls coach) and Alec Coyle( Cushing coach),will conduct coaches meeting, oversee entire schedule of day/ keeps race to time frame, has final say in terms of conditions and safety. Makes sure gatekeepers are properly instructed by head gatekeeper. Along with Sunapee official Bob Underhill

Starter… Bob Underhill (Sunapee race dept.). Also will set courses

Announcer- 1

Finish shack and race results ... 1

Finish ref … 2


Head gate keeper… 1 radio…sets up 8 -10 gate keepers along race route every 4- 6 gates. Head Gate keeper will give brief intro to this that day. Gate Keepers: 8-10

Other volunteers: 3

Course maintenance... _______________ coaches will slip after first run. Coaches can please take responsibility to report deteriorating conditions to chief of race and starter.

Start” herder” volunteer... 1 parent to act as person to line up in order kids, ready to race…

Registration…. 2 , check off athletes, pass out bibs, bibs must be worn on course at all times, instruct athletes to stay on designated trails prior to start and ski with control

Scoreboard…. 2 to write down race results they need to be checked with computer results at end of race

Jury… 3-4 coaches or ADs - ??? should be one of them, decide on DSQ, if missed gate is contested by a coach representing athlete or other.

Total approx 23