Mt. Sunapee, NH
Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Directions to Mt. Sunapee


Bring check (made out to Mt. Sunapee) or cash for $30 per racer

7:30am-8:15am in Spruce Lodge (older of two lodges)
pay entry fee
pick up tickets
pick up bibs (these MUST be returned - see below)
confirm gatekeeping/official assignments (2 per team)
last minute roster scratches or substitutions

7:30 - 8:15 Registration
8:15 Gatekeepers' Meeting/Coaches meeting in lodge
8:45 - 9:15 G.S course inspection
9:30 G.S race (girls'-boys'-girls'-boys')
12:10 -12:30 Slalom course inspection
12:45 Slalom race
4:00 Announcements & awards ceremony

Race courses, timing, bibs, scoresheets, radios, gatekeeper cards.
TD (Race Jury)
Chief of race (Race Jury)
Chief gatekeeper (Race Jury)

Start referee/organizer: (1 for each race)
Finish line referee: TBA
Computer entry: Constance Mouchati
Gatekeepers: 12 volunteers
Bib Collector (1 at end of day)
Outdoor scoresheet time entry (1 for each race)
Girls' referee (race jury)
Boys' referee (race jury)

1) USSA rules apply except where noted
2) During inspection - no skiing in, or parallel to, the course. Side-slipping only. (Penalty up to and including DQ)
3) Missed start order skis at end of round (Not a DQ)
4) No intentional gate bashing due to frustration over fault (DQ next race)
5) Appeals for interference, obstruction, etc. must be made immediately, by the skier, by skiing out of the course and appealing to the finish-line referee. If the finish line is crossed, the time stands. All such reruns are provisional until reviewed by the race jury.
6) Skiers, coaches and spectators are not allowed in finish shack.
7) No times are official until bibs have been turned in after a racer is finished. Lost bibs equal a DQ from all races for that number. These are Mt. Sunapee's bibs - not disposable bibs as in the past.
8) Only the race jury can grant a re-run.


The Class C NEPSAC ski race will be at Mt. Sunapee on Wednesday, February 15th, 2006. Please mark you calendars. Registration at the mountain will begin at 7:30 AM.

I will need your "Intent to Participate" forms back by Wednesday, January 11th (attached to this letter) and sent back to the return address.

If your school will need a hotel on 2/14/05- please look at:

1. The Best Western Sunapee Lake Lodge - 603 - 763 - 2010 (5 miles from Mt. Sunapee)

2. The Holiday Inn Concord - 603 - 224 - 9534 (30 miles from Mt. Sunapee)

3. Lakeview Motor Lodge - 603 763 2701

4. There are various Inns and and cottages scattered around the area and you can contact the mountain for these.

* Specific information around race times, fees, etc. will be sent to all of you later in January.

Thayer Academy is the host school for this race, so please contact me (Athletic Director)via e-mail "" or at 781 664 2247 or Phil Mulvey (head coach) at ""


Matt McGuirk
Thayer Academy
745 Washington Street
Braintree, MA 02184