HOST: The Loomis Chaffee School w/ Noble and Greenough School

SITE: Mt. Snow Ski Area, VT

Information for participating schools


David Henry Goff
The Loomis Chaffee School
4 Batchelder Road
Windsor, CT 06095
Work phone:860 687-6115
FAX: 860 687-6406

Directions to Mt. Snow

General Information:

Team size is 3-5 girls and/or 3-5 boys per event. Be certain to indicate your desired seed order for each event, Girls SL, Boys SL, Girls GS, and Boys GS on the form provided (included). Also, list your school's coaches who will be attending (two complimentary lift tickets for each team's coaches will be provided, plus one or two for gatekeepers). Please email/fax this information, using form provided for registration to David Goff at the above address no later than Wednesday, February 8, 2006. Changes in running order can only be made due to sickness or injury. If changes are necessary, all originally defined seeds will remain the same, with alternate inserted into spot vacated by ill/injured racer. If a running order is not received on time, the school will not be included in the random draw and will be placed on a first come basis at the end of each seed for both runs of all events.

The entry fee is $40 per racer. Checks should be made payable to The Loomis Chaffee School and submitted with form provided (included) to the address above. Please mail these no later than Wednesday, February 8, 2006.
Coaches should bring a copy of the Mt. Snow Release of Liability (included) for each racer to registration, as competitors will not be allowed to race unless these are submitted.

Each school must bring at least one person who will serve as a gatekeeper in both a morning and afternoon event. Gatekeepers will receive a complimentary ticket. Coaches will need to identify the gatekeeper at registration. In addition to the mandatory gatekeeper, schools that can provide a second gatekeeper, or any adults to help with running the race, should contact David Goff asap. ALSO: COACHES PLEASE BRING DRILLS AND WRENCHES TO HELP WITH COURSE MAINTENANCE

Managers, family members, and fans of racers who wish to ski at Mt. Snow the day of the race will be offered tickets at a reduced rate. Tickets ordered in advance (payment sent with race fees) will cost $15. Tickets purchased the day of the race will be at a smaller discount ($35), and may be picked up at a special ticket table at registration. Please note that these $35 tickets must be paid for in cash or with a personal check w/ driver's license number provided. No credit cards will be accepted.

Location of Mt. Snow: Ski area is located on Rt. 100 in Dover, north of Wilmington, which is located on Rt. 9 west from EXIT 2 on Interstate 91 in Southern Vermont.



1. No racers may run, side slip, or shadow the course during their pre-race inspection. To do so risks immediate disqualification.

2. All racers are expected to be at the start at the proper time. Racers who miss their start will run at the end of the order. The running order will be reversed within each seed in the second run (if registration was received on time).

3. A racer who has a binding release in the course is an automatic DSQ. However, if a racer loses one ski after passing the second to last gate on the course, (s)he may attempt to complete the race on one ski.

4. If a racer misses a gate and chooses to climb, (s)he must cross the horizontal plane on either side of the gate that was missed before continuing down the course. However, if a racer falls, and skis stay on, and (s)he is hiking, they must yield to an oncoming racer or be disqualified.

5. If a racer feels his or her run has been interfered with, (s)he must ski out of the course where the infraction occurs. No protest will be allowed if the racer completes the course and/or crosses through the finish line. The racer must then ski to the finish area and await the decision of race officials as to whether or not a (provisional) rerun will be granted.




7:15 AM Registration opens on second floor of Main Base Lodge

8:00 AM Coaches meeting on third floor of
Main Base Lodge.

8:15 AM Race Officials and Gatekeepers meeting on the third floor of Main Base Lodge.

8:15 AM Lift open for course inspection.
(Ego Alley Triple Chair)

9:30 AM Girls' Slalom begins on Charlies Chase.
Boys' Giant Slalom begins on Ego Alley. Charlies Chase is located to the right of the Ego Alley Triple Chair and Ego Alley is located under the lift.

12:00 AM Course inspection for afternoon events begins.

1:00 PM Girls' Giant Slalom begins on Ego Alley.
Boys' Slalom begins on Charlies Chase.

3:30 PM Awards ceremony on second floor of Main Base Lodge

Separate payment, registration, Liability Release, and Indemnification forms are included in this mailing.